Opt in, opt out of online advertising?

March 4, 2013

Untitled-3From June 2012, internet users will be shown a new on-screen icon that will allow them to opt out of targeted advertising, following a surge of complaints. The new symbol which features the letter “I” inside a triangle will be put on ads that have been generated by “cookies”. Companies can direct their display ads at individuals who have indicated interests in their products or services, on other websites, but the warning system introduced by the European Advertising Standards Alliance will allow users to stop this from happening. Users will be able to create profiles to decide on which ads they want to see. Guy Parker, the ASA chief executive, said the icon would give users new powers to choose “personalised advertising”.

Dan Kirby, Digital Director of White Spider Media.

“Ultimately the digital medium is becoming more trusted and more of us are confident to transact over the web. The world of digital has made it easier for people to research and purchase most items and the use of cookies only aids the digital experience. If users opt out of targeted adverts they will still be delivered adverts but they will be less relevant to the user.”

Even though a surge of complaints has prompted this law, spend on digital advertising is still rising and with the tracking capabilities of the ad campaigns companies must be seeing a valid ROI.

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