White Spider Media was set up with a remit to reinvent what the phrase ‘media independent’ means.


Over the years, it has become devalued and misappropriated, bandied around by all and sundry in the ad world. We think that’s wrong, which is why we are on a mission to inject the ‘media independent’ world with new blood.


For us, the word media and the word independent are equally important.


White Spider Media is truly independent. We are owned by our founders, who work on every account and are involved in every aspect of the business.


And we know media. Inside out. What is more, we apply traditional values in a modern, forward-looking context to bring fresh and innovative solutions to clients’ challenges.


We are proud to call ourselves a full service media planning and buying agency. Our clients look to us to deliver a wide range of services and make the most of their precious budgets.


It’s a responsibility we take incredibly seriously, not least because digital has changed everything – for our clients, as well as for us.


Digital means agencies have nowhere to hide. Digital means constant measurement and evaluation. Digital means fast-paced delivery, changes in direction and quantifiable return on investment.


Digital Media                                    

Whilst Digital has changed everything, in many respects the basics have stayed the same: clients still want us to find them the best deals; they expect us to deliver excellent media planning, be it placements, schedules, positions, insertions. And costs, of course.


But once the basics are in place, the digital world is a whole different beast. There’s monitoring, reporting, results – which means processes.


Processes are at the heart of White Spider Media’s digital service offering. Without them, we’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. We use processes to be accountable, to be responsive and to be better at what we do. It enables us to be forensic, scientific even, about the vast amounts of data we collect, collate and analyse.


To learn more about White Spider Media’s Digital media planning and buying services, drop Dan Kirby a line at


Outdoor Media

With a vast amount of experience and connections in the outdoor media world we are able provide our clients with a solid understanding of outdoor media and the benefits and advantages it can bring. By planning and researching the client’s particular market we can target and identify the right outdoor media mix be it taxis, rail, roadside, airports, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. With the average person spending 47 minutes a day commuting and 7 hours of the day out of home Outdoor media delivered alongside a print and online campaign can be an extremely powerful tool if chosen and targeted correctly.



National Press –

Being passionate about Print media White Spider are more than confident we can deliver an impeccable and flawless campaign suit to any client. We believe print is a credible way to advertise a campaign and captures the audience when they are at their most relaxed. Being well networked and exploring all opportunities we can specifically target ensuring a valuable return on investment.


Business to Business –

With three senior members having spent the majority of their careers in the financial sector, this advantage enables us to implement innovative and cost effective campaigns for our financial clients in the tradepress. With our limitless drive desire and energy we are able to secure the best position and ensure brand impact.


Sponsorship Management

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness or would like to do something a little bit different then White Spider Media can put together bespoke packages to suit your needs. Whether you want to sponsor your favourite cricket team or fancy being the hosts of a prestigious event we can organise and arrange the logistics of a sponsorship.